Mañana Funding, LLC (“Mañana”) makes short term hard money loans (bridge loans) for the purchase, refinance, rehab or construction of improved single family properties. Unlike the practices of its competitors, Mañana is the only hard money lender in Texas which publishes its rates, fees and terms front and center on its website, for the prospective customer to plainly see.  As competitor websites tend to hide the very information you are looking for, our goal is to answer all your questions the first glance you ever make at us.  When you call Mañana, you will speak with a real person who knows your business. We can usually qualify your property over the phone in a matter of hours rather than weeks.


In addition to our practice of transparency and quick response, Mañana lends on the completed value of your property and does not concern itself with your personal finances or credit.  What a refreshing way to do business!

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